Sleep Globe

$ 99.99

Perfect for listening in on your newborn as they sleep, the Sleep Globe is also a night light and sound machine to help with soothing your baby to sleep, night feedings and diaper changes. And when they wake up, the light and soothing sounds turn on automatically to help comfort them. The Sleep Globe also notifies you of room temperature changes, so you can adjust to help your little one sleep better.

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Night light and sound machine

Fully customizable hues, brightness and soothing sounds let you set the ideal environment to lull them to sleep.


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Baby Mood

Giraffe Cam + Sleep Globe

$ 159.99

Say hello to Baby Mood, a one-of-a-kind baby monitor, night light and sound machine that is designed to help your little one sleep better, put them in a happier mood and lets you keep an eye on them from anywhere. Baby Mood is designed to be used together or separately. The detachable and portable design of the Giraffe Cam lets you take it anywhere around your home. While the Sleep Globe intuitively turns on when they hear a peep, offering soft glow and soothing sounds to provide comfort to your baby when they wake up.

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Baby Mood Pack

Baby Mood +Video Parent Unit

$ 289.99

Complete your nursery with this bundle that includes the Baby Mood and handheld video parent unit. Baby Mood includes the Giraffe Cam and Sleep Globe. Use the Sleep Globe to lull your little one sleep. And, keep an eye while they sleep with the Giraffe Cam, through the handheld video parent unit or on your phone. Baby Mood is designed to be used together or separately.

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