Stay connected with your baby anytime, anywhere.

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Designed for busy parents, the ChillaxCare app connects you and your baby through remote monitoring from wherever you are, and keeps track of all baby care activities, growth and development, in just one app.



See, hear and comfort your little one from anywhere you may be. Always stay in the know with background audio monitoring and sound, motion and room temperature notifications.


Baby care tracker

Log and track all essential baby care activities including feeding, nursing, diaper changes, sleep, health, growth, and a lot more. Get an overall summary of each activity and view in days, weeks, or months.

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View in Live Mode Anywhere, Anytime

See and hear your little one through a live feed. Turn on background audio to continuously listen in on your baby, even when you’re using other apps or when your screen’s locked. And when they need comforting, two-way talk also lets you soothe or speak to them from wherever you are.

See what matters with 24-hour event-activated video recording

Catch up on the highlights of your baby's day with 24-hour event-activated video recording. When you Baby mood or giraffe cam detects sound or motion, it records and securely saves these video clips to our cloud for up to 24 hours, at no fee.*  Select to watch specific key events without having to watch an entire video.


**Enjoy free cloud storage for videos captured in the past 24 hours (maximum of 10x 30-second video recordings)


Unauthorized user notification and rejection

As an added level of security, you will receive a notification when an unauthorized user (third parties) tries to gain access to your monitoring device. These users will automatically be denied access (patent pending).

Play a soothing sound or record your own

Play from a selection of soothing sounds or put on a recording of yourself in your most soothing voice or sing a lullaby that can be saved and played for your little bub, for the times when you’re away.


Keep your little one safe with danger zone alerts

Worried about your little one climbing out of their crib or going up or down the stairs without supervision? With Danger Zone Monitoring and Alert, protect your little one from areas to steer clear off. Select areas for your Baby Mood or Giraffe Cam to monitor and receive a notification when they enter somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Share Live Feed with Loved Ones

With Share Link, it’s easier than ever to share camera access with family, friends or caregivers, using a unique weblink, that lets them see baby in live mode. The link includes a time limit where access will be revoked after a specified time.

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Personalize Your Baby Mood

Control and personalize your Baby Mood to fit your baby’s sleep needs. Choose from a wide hue selection at multiple brightness levels and soothing sounds, use it as a night light and sound machine for putting your newborn to sleep.

Or, set it up as a sleep trainer for your toddler. Select different light hues and sounds to turn on at your desired time. You’ll also be able to customize soothing mode – set your preferred colour, sound and time to turn on automatically, once it senses that your baby has woken up. Example: Set your Baby Mood to turn on a soft amber glow and play a comforting hushing sound after detecting that your baby has been awake for 5 seconds, to help soothe your baby.

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Get Insights into Your Baby’s Well-Being

Designed for busy parents, ChillaxCare app includes baby care tracking feature that lets you log all important baby care activities including bottle and breastfeeding, diaper changes, sleep, play time, health and a lot more, in just one app. Get insights on each baby care activity and growth over a defined period, in different formats. Switch between different time range to pick up on patterns, habits, or any abnormalities, so you can make necessary adjustments. It’s also easy to share any information with you baby’s pediatrician, simply export data into a shareable format.

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