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The All-in-One Baby Monitor

Baby Mood AI is the only baby monitor that you will ever need for your nursery. Designed to help little ones sleep better and provide complete peace of mind to parents, the Baby Mood AI features video baby monitor, covered face and breathing rate detection, soother and sleep trainer - packed into one smart device.

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Baby Monitor

Covered Face and Roll Over Detection.png

Covered Face & Roll-Over Detection

Breathing Detection.png

Breathing Rate Detection

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Sleep Trainer & Soother

Better Sleep for Babies

Help babies to establish healthy sleep routines with soothing night lights and sounds to

teach them when it’s time for sleep or to wake up.

Peace of Mind for Parents

With Baby Mood AI's breathing and covered face detection, parents can get peace of mind knowing that their baby is being monitored by a reliable device.

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Breathing Rate Detection


Baby Mood AI features a human detection algorithm using TensorFlow Lite and an accurate proprietary breathing detection algorithm. An Edge-based machine learning technique is applied to identify a baby's sleeping posture as a region of interest to analyze micro-movements and detect breathing

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Covered Face & Roll Over Detection

The AI face-detection technology is developed to help and reduce the potential risk of suffocation to babies. Baby Mood AI alerts parents in real-time if the baby's mouth and nose are covered, or if they're stuck when rolling over.

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Sleep Trainer & Soother

Establish healthy sleep routines with Baby Mood AI that uses customizable hues to teach little ones when it's bedtime and when it's okay to get out of bed. Parents can set color and sound programs through the ChillaxCare App to train them to sleep on their own, or to soothe them during fussy periods.

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Works in every space possible

Use the wall mount or crib mount to get a bird’s eye view of your baby, no exposed cords or any complicated set-up involved. Or, simply place it on table top and use the 360° pan rotation to capture every corner of your baby's nursery.

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Table top



Crib mount

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Wall mount

1080p Full HD

4.3” Colored Video Parent Unit

Enhanced Bank Grade Security

Covered Face and Roll-Over Detection

Breathing Rate Detection

Two-Way Communication

Privacy Control Switch

Sound and Motion Alerts

Room Temperature Monitoring

On/Off Touch Control

360° Remote Pan Movement

Multi-Color Soothing Mood Lights 

Infrared Night Vision

Automatic Dimming LED Light

Micro SD Card Slot

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Enable


Other thoughtful features

Connect the Baby Mood AI with ChillaxCare App to keep an eye on your baby from anywhere while ensuring their safety and well-being.

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Live Video Streaming.png

Live Video Streaming

Motion Activated Video Recording.png

Motion Activated Video Recording

Lullabies & Personal Voice Recording.png

Lullabies & Personal Voice Recording

Sleep Analysis.png

Sleep Analysis

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Select What & Whom to Share

Baby’s Journal.png

Baby's Journal

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Smart Zone

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Access Notification

& Rejection

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Expert Parenting Tips

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