Baby Mood Pro

$ 159.99


Dual Baby Monitoring Design

Whether you’ve got more than one child or more than one room in your home that needs monitoring, the Baby Mood comes with video and audio monitoring modes, Giraffe Cam and Mood Ball respectively, that lets you do so.

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Get More Done

Tuck the ChillaxCare app or handheld video parent unit1 into your pocket as you work around the house. Or, take that relaxing shower than you so need. Keep an eye on your little one without having to pop into their room at every noise you hear.


**Video function in app and on handheld video parent unit only works with ChillaxBaby cameras.

See How Your Baby is with the Babysitter

Even on-the-go, you'll still be able to see what goes on at home when you have that new babysitter over. View in live mode1 to see if they're sleeping, eating and on their best behavior.

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Nail that Late Night Diaper Change

Have a big blowout that needs to be changed at 1am? ChillaxBaby night lights lets you keep the room dark and still offer enough light to do so, without the need to turn on bright lights that will disturb your baby.

Get More Sleep

Use the Baby Mood or Sleep Globe as a sleep training clock to get that extra hour of sleep. Use light and sound to teach your toddler to stay in bed longer and when it's OK to get out of bed.


Help Soothe Them Back to Sleep

Perfect for one of those time when your baby wakes up crying. Intuitive soothing mode automatically puts on a light show and a soothing sound to help calm them down and soothe them back to sleep.


**Soothing mode available with Baby Mood and Giraffe Cam.

Perfect for Travelling

Whether you're visiting family or on vacation, your little one may be napping in a different room. Take the Giraffe Cam along as it can be easily set up anywhere with a portable power bank - no mounting required, simple and fuss-free.

**Portable power bank not included.

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Share your Baby's Health with their Pediatrician

Unsure if your baby is feeding enough, producing sufficient wet diapers or sleeping well, log and manage all of your baby's activities in the ChillaxCare app. Them, easily share this information with your baby's pediatrician.

Get the Bundle

Baby Mood Pack

Baby Mood +Video Parent Unit

$ 289.99

Complete your nursery with this bundle that includes the Baby Mood and handheld video parent unit. Baby Mood includes the Giraffe Cam and Sleep Globe. Use the Sleep Globe to lull your little one sleep. And, keep an eye while they sleep with the Giraffe Cam, through the handheld video parent unit or on your phone. Baby Mood is designed to be used together or separately.

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