Brand Story

ChillaxBaby was founded by 3 mothers with a decade of experience in baby and consumer electronics industry and expertise in design, engineering, and marketing, the trio of moms applied their struggle as parents to create baby monitoring products that offer advanced features, durability, and highest reliability to assist parents in their everyday lives, while giving them the peace of mind they need.

All ChillaxBaby products are designed with love and empathy. The Chillax team spends considerable time and effort on researching and understanding the frustration that real parents face and apply their findings to enhance product design and user experience. Marrying thoughtful design, from overall user experience to the little details, with technological advances, Chillax aim to make parenting journey an enjoyable one.


Chillax currently has an international team of 30 people across Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, India, and North America, with the bulk of the team in R&D, sales, marketing and product development, covering hardware and cloud development.